Part of What Brought Me into Education as a Career

Part of What Brought Me into Education as a Career
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Blog's in the Classroom

I work as a substitute primarily in the Selah School District. I work across the grade levels and content areas but did secure two long term positions in both first and fourth grade. 

My intension for this blog is to inform parents of my practices, encourage parental feedback and to show off student work. 

The purpose for this blog is to share with my community who I am and what I represent in the classroom and in this district.

This is not a place for students to interact about content however it is a showcase for their work!

Making flashlights last year with a fantastic group of fourth graders at JC.

Creation and Reasoning Behind this Blog

This blog will be used for marketing me in a sense. I would also like to show student work that has been created in classrooms where I have taught.  It’s a place where I would like parents to visit so that they may SEE and therefore enhance the way that they feel about student learning.  I would love and encourage any parental feedback.  I currently work with grades K-8 and across all content areas.  I love my job and feel this blog will be a tool to reach out to my community.