Part of What Brought Me into Education as a Career

Part of What Brought Me into Education as a Career
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Sunday, October 3, 2010

P21 & Partners

 Partnership for 21st Century Skills” is a wonderful site full of support to encourage 21st Century readiness.  I think the site is a very useful and user friendly resource. I love the fact that there is an informative section laid out for “life Skills”.  The life skills part is very appealing to me because it’s something that I feel we have been lacking in the recent years here in my town because of the focus on state tests.
Basically the way I see it, is this site is a way for states, communities and teachers to get children to be technology savvy so that they can access these things that we sometimes do not have time to cover in the classroom.
The only issue that I see so far on this site is that the classes offered are very far from my state.  Perhaps if they offered something closer to the states that have not joined they would have more success.

Please look and explore:

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