Part of What Brought Me into Education as a Career

Part of What Brought Me into Education as a Career
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Instructional Strategies and Practice

Based on this week’s learning resources I gained a deeper understanding about information processing and how students take information in and store it in their brains for retrieval.  Ore says that “images [are] more memorable than text”. (Ore, 2010)
Power points and virtual fieldtrips are instructional strategies that can help students to have a deeper understanding and can enhance their learning.  These ideas will help me to teach for understanding and not memorization.
Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer). (2010). Program five. Cognitive learning theory [Webcast]. Bridging learning theory, instruction and technology. Baltimore, MD: Author


  1. Mara,
    I agree with you that power points and virtual fieldtrips are instructional strategies that can help students have deeper understanding. What are your thoughts on advance organizers? I was surprised to find that there are so many different types that can be used. I like the idea of having an outline ready for students so they can take notes during the virtual fieldtrip experience.

  2. Mara,
    I think it really depends on how a PowerPoint is used in order to help students have a deeper understanding of information. I have seen many PowerPoints that are just an outline of notes pasted into a template, or a few clip are pictures added to the notes. How do you use PowerPoints to make sure that learning is truly occuring at a deeper level?

  3. Virtual field trips and PowerPoint are excellent resources. What are some specific virtual field trips you have used? What advanced organizers have you used? Have you noticed any deeper understanding of information presented by virtual field trips, PowerPoint, etc compared to simple lecture or pen and paper activities?

  4. Cathy, I too am surprised at all of the different tools out there to access. I like this idea to, it’s sort of a jump start I believe and such a piece of that background knowledge that we all know children need. It seems to me an intentional idea and resource to use for success!
    AMorris, I would have to agree on your PowerPoint comment. I think the idea here or the way that I see it is to be used as a model. I really like the idea of saving student work and using it in a PowerPoint to show ideas on a complete product.
    Kimberly Pence, excellent resources! To be honest I am having a bit of trouble with the virtual field trip resource. Mostly what I was able to find was specific places and not anything that related to my own personal activity. 
    In reference to your question about “deeper understanding” absolutely. When I have the opportunity, having those visuals is so much better than plain old pencil and paper. Wouldn’t you agree?